About ME

My name is  Silvia, 25.  I am a PhD student in Astronomy & Astrophyisics and in the meantime I like travelling around the world and taking pictures.

Lumens rises from the will of sharing my photos to the world and improving my skills.

About the BLOG 

My idea is to publish my pictures with some comments about the places I’ve visited and about the pictures of course 🙂 . Then,  I will publish “basic tips” for digital photography: in these posts I would like you to get some advices or suggestions of basic shooting techniques. As examples I will use MY pictures, in this way it will be a source of improvement not only for you, but also for me.

Important Note

My works are not professional, I do this only because it is a great passion I have. Therefore, it will be amazing if you share my pictures, but I want to ask you to write (or say) always where you have taken them. Thank you very much 🙂

Let’s start then!

Me ! at Death Valley National Park

Me ! at Death Valley National Park


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