Praha, City of Colours

Hello everyone,

it’s been a while. Unfortunately, I thought I have much more time to dedicate to my blog, but this is it when you go to the University! eheh…

I would like to tell you a lot about my past travel experience, I promise I will keep this blog more updated, from time to time. Now I am a PhD student and my free time is even less, argh.

However, this allows me to travel a bit (with no extra costs, yuhuu!), which is pretty amazing. On the drawback side, I do not have much time to go around, though. This is indeed a quick post from my last trip, in Prague last week, for the European Weak of Astronomy and Space Science (EWASS).

I was amazed by Prague as I found it to be a very colourful city. Definitely, it’s not a flat place at all. Below you can find some shots which describe at best my idea of ‘colourful’. Hope you will be inspired by these pictures, and you will definitely agree with me in the astonishing beauty of this city.


Prague is famous for its breathtaking sunsets. This is just one of the sunset I experienced when I was there, probably the most impressive. The clouds were so scarlet that it was almost scary.


Another sunset, here I was amazed by the golden clouds. We are in the Old Town Square. 


St. Nicholas Church as above (I think I can say I loved this church!). Colours are everywhere, in the flowers, in the buildings, on the road. 


View from the top of St. Vitus Cathedral, with particular on the steeple.


View from the top of St. Vitus Cathedral. On the right the hill of the Petřínské park. Red roofs, green trees and turquoise spots merge in a dance of colours. 


Lady who is biking towards west of Prague. The cathedral is on the background. 


Fruity richness of Prague’s Havelské tržiště Market.




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