Welcome to my new blog 🙂 I hope you all enjoy my posts and pictures!

The blog is still under construction, it will get more and more prosperous as I continue to post, I wish !

As first picture, I show you some colours:

000-the lizard

Guess where is this place???

Well, it’s in England!!!!  I want to start from this picture because it was an “unexpected” place I found. I was walking with my family in a little city in the south of Cornwall, called The Lizard. We were looking for Lizard Point actually, but we ended up in The Lizard by mistake. So we started walking randomly and , at the end of a very long and solitary road, I found this corner. Beyond this, there was only nature ! No human beings, no buildings, nothing. I would have gone ahead, if it hadn’t been for the fact that I was not equipped.. I think I would have managed to photograph the cliffs better. However, I was satisfied , it was a beautiful landscape not only to see, but to feel! 😀

And you? Have you ever found an “hidden” place you didn’t expect? how was your feeling about that?

Hope you’ve enjoyed this picture, I leave you with a shot of The Lizard (the town :D)

Blue building and cloudy sky at The Lizard, Cornwall.

Blue building and cloudy sky at The Lizard, Cornwall.


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